4 hottest tech buzz words in layman language

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Have you ever heard of these terms “Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, IoT, Machine Learning” being thrown about ever so freely? If you don’t understand what any of these terms mean, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss the top 4 hottest fields in programming, and to top it, we’ll keep it simple and sweet. 1) … Read More

New Sunday Class June 2016

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The EarlyCoders team launched a new Sunday class to cater to the growing demand for early programming education. The course was designed to develop youths to be proficient in Javascript, HTML and CSS. Janelle, SMU information systems graduate was the head trainer of the class with another teaching assistant Jimmy Soh. For the new students who are looking to join … Read More

Ethan Leong – Early Coders Saturday Class

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Programming used to be domain knowledge for adults only, but in recent years, we are beginning to see more talented youths entering this space. At 14 years old, Ethan Leong has already started building websites and is starting to dabble in building web applications. After taking up basic programming lessons with Early Coders Academy in Early February 2016, Ethan has … Read More

Appearance at SMU Whitehats conference 2016

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Our head instructor was invited to give a talk at an Internet security with JavaScript and JSP conference. The conference, headed by Whitehats members Poon Swee Heng and Wong Wai Tuck, introduced its participants to the dangers of security vulnerabilities in software. During the conference, participants were taught on how to build an e-commerce website that features login and shopping cart functionality in the earlier half … Read More