Why you should never learn mobile application development first?

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Mobile Application Development Course

Given the recent astronomical rise in interest in learning coding, as well as the ever so often application developer that makes a windfall (Think: Flappy Bird), we begin to hear of more and more people with the interest in writing their own mobile applications. At Early Coders Academy, we have often been asked the following questions regarding mobile application development: … Read More

Top 5 Lessons I Learnt While Interning At Early Coders Academy

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Hi there! I’m Zames, the person who’s been sending you the (hopefully not annoying) emails. I’ll be starting my University studies soon and so I’ll be leaving the Early Coders Academy Team. These lessons may resonate more with the younger population, but I still hope that this article can help you in some way or another. 1. Consistency Is Key … Read More

Top Programming Language For Developing On The Web

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These days, it seems almost everyone wants to enter the web development scene. It is inevitable that one would have to delve into technology and its oh-so complicated jargon in order to get started. Most modern businesses require some form of digital marketing, an aspect that is crucial to scaling businesses rapidly and effectively. Even as a budding web developer, … Read More

The Flipped Classroom Approach to Learning Programming

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FLIPPED CLASSROOM? WHAT’S THIS? The Flipped Classroom approach is widely adopted by famed universities like Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and has been particularly successful, especially in programming courses. Credits: Carnegie Mellon University From the image above, it is obvious that the flipped classroom approach is broken down into three different phases. First Exposure through readings etc In-Class practice & exercises … Read More

Code Extreme Hackathon by IDA

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The 10th edition of the annual code::XtremeApps:: (CXA) hackathon is here again. This year, the Early Coders team is proud to be the chosen vendors to teach the Junior category an introduction to Scratch before they start the competition. The response for the Junior category was overwhelming this year resulting in the Early Coders team having to teach 3 different … Read More