About Early Coders.

We believe that learning coding needs to be fun and that's why we believe in experiential learning. Every class is a lead up to a finished product by the end of the course. By developing practical applications, we ensure that learning stays relevant, while at the same time allowing our students to understand how the different aspects of programming can come together to result in a finished product. Work together with us to help your children become the next generation of programmers, leading the pack in shaping and influencing the world in great ways.

Our Teaching Methodology.

Here at Early Coder’s Academy, we differentiate ourselves by adopting only the best teaching methodologies. We’ve conducted research on the teaching methodologies successful universities like Carnegie Mellon University advocate. Thereafter, we take apart the theoretical aspect that makes their flipped classroom methodology so successful, while eventually putting together our own version of a flipped classroom methodology to conduct programming courses. In order for us to successfully implement this approach, we build our own in-house solution, CodeLab App to deliver this experience. Read more about the flipped classroom methodology here.

Faculty and Staff.

First class of students
Years of Coding Experience

Our beliefs.

The power of programming has changed the way we look at the world today. Companies are increasingly hiring graduates who are competent in both programming as well as their primary knowledge fields in order to remain relevant in the market.

Hence we started Early Coders Academy with the aim of training youths to remain competitive in our fast paced world. Youths imbued with basic programming skills have the potential to creatively solve difficult pain points in the world today.

We’re excited to be part of this journey with our students and wish to help them follow their passion in programming every step of the way.

Mission and Values.

We want learning to be enjoyable and want to impart our love of programming to our students.

That is why we emphasise on our teachers being readily available to help your child develop his or her own creations. By seeing their own projects come to life, we hope that it inspires our students to think further beyond the classroom.

We believe in supporting our students in their own personal pet projects.
Our curriculum is geared towards the applicable use of coding languages. Hence, project work is a heavy component in our teachings.
We not only expose our students to code but also help them to understand the logic behind each coding syntax. This makes them more versatile coders as they can adapt more easily to other coding languages in the future.
Learning must be fun and this is a key element in all of our classes.

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