Admissions Process.

We teach children ages 13 to 17 basic to expert programming courses.

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Learn more by arranging a phone call with us. We're excited to share with you our plans and vision for our students. Let us know your preferred date and time for a call.

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2 – Apply

Apply online now. We will be assessing applications based on coding experience and the amount of space in our classes. Successful applications will be contacted shortly.

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3 – Prospectus

A prospectus of our syllabus will be sent to successful applicants.

4 – Confirmation

Congratulations! You're ready to code out the next industry-disruptor!

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Age Range.

Our Classes are currently open to ages 13-17. This is because we believe that children aged 12 and above have the linguistic standards to keep up with our classes. We will be considering opening up to other age groups in the future.

Advanced Courses.

Our advanced courses are built upon our foundational courses in programming. We recommend taking up the earlier courses before delving into our more advanced courses.

  • Courses are primarily conducted in English