The top 3 problems with learning programming online

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How a programming class at Early Coders looks like

Technological advancements have given rise to a plethora of online platforms that seek to provide free education to all those with internet access. These online platforms are hence affectionately termed MOOCs: Massively Open Online Courses. Subjects ranging from STEM subjects to even liberal arts are being provided through the use of media like videos and lecture notes made free via … Read More

SMU Summer Enrichment Programme

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It was certainly an honour for our Early Coders Academy instructors to be invited to conduct coding lessons for Singapore Management University students. Learning code certainly starts at all ages and we wanted to give all students, regardless of background, a chance to delve into the programming world. We structured 3 different sessions over the course of 3 days (27th … Read More

Straits Times Feature

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With Programming Schools being on the rise, Early Coders Academy is committed to teaching youths how to code in an interactive manner. This is done through the use of our own learning software that allows us to correct the mistakes of our students in real time. We were also recently featured on Straits Times which mentioned how we are differentiated … Read More