Learning Software: Codelab App

At Early Coders we leverage on technology to make learning coding easier for our students through our own proprietary software, Codelab. Through this, learning becomes both enjoyable and efficient.


Interactive Slides

Our slides are in-built into our software, allowing our students to access the slides on their computers, while being able to interact with it. This makes lessons fun and engaging!

Real-Time Feedback

Our teachers have access to our student’s code as they type. This real-time code review ensures that mistakes are corrected on the spot, which allows our students to learn better and faster.


Collaborative Software

Being able to write human-readable code as well as learning to understand another person’s code is critical in programming projects. This is why we created our own collaborative Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to allow multiple students to work on projects together.

After-Lesson Consultation

We believe that students learn best from asking questions. Hence our software boasts a video call feature. This allows students to have 1-to-1 consultation with our teachers outside of lessons, further bringing the joy of learning outside of lesson time.


After-Lesson Practice

We support our students using our own practice test bank where we provide up to 30 hours of practice throughout their course. Our students can reinforce their learning and understand where their mistakes lie in better detail, making them fantastic programmers.

After-Lesson Report Card

Every week, feedback about your child is compiled in our system and sent out to you. Our dedicated teachers write a detailed analysis on your child’s performance in lesson, and our automated e-mailer system will dispatch a progress report to you after every lesson!

We Want To Hear From You

We would like to hear your opinions. Let us know if you have any queries on our programming courses, or if you wish to enroll yourself/your child for lessons!