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Early Coders Academy develops a unique learning style suitable for your kids. Your kids will learn relevant skills that would prepare them for an uncertain and volatile world. Coding classes designed for kids will help them learn computational thinking through our learning pedagogy as well as the learning app.

Only The Best For your Kids

At Early Coders, we believe in the importance of empowering kids through technology. This is why we only hire quality instructors as well as work closely with the best in the industry.



The Early Coders team have years of coding experience, coupled with experience in conducting coding classes. With multiple awards under their belts, they are well poised to bring the coding level of students to the next stage.


Unrivaled Support

Early Coders is located at Hackwagon Academy, a professional education academy. With well equipped facilities, it serves to provide our students with the best learning environment possible.


Superb Value

We believe that our customers should get what they pay for. This is why we are offer a free one-lesson preview where you pay only when you are satisfied with the value you get out of our coding classes.

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A Different Education

At Early Coders we leverage on technology to make learning during our coding classes easier for our students through our own proprietary software, Codelab. Through this, learning becomes both enjoyable and efficient.

We adopt a different approach from other coding where we use our own in-house developed tools to teach. Here’s what makes us different.

Interactive Slides

Learn Faster

Our slides are in-built into our software, allowing our students to access and interact with the slides on their computers, making lessons fun and engaging!

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Real-Time Feedback

Learn Better

Our teachers can directly access our student’s code, ensuring that mistakes are corrected on the fly. This allows our students to learn better and faster.

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Collaborative Software

Learn Together

We created our own collaborative Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to allow multiple students to work on projects together, saving time.

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After-Lesson Feedback

Learn Informed

Every week, a detailed analysis on your progress is compiled in our system and sent out to you. We keep our parents in the loop during our courses.

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After-Lesson Consultation

Learn Easy

Our software boasts a video call feature that allows students to have 1-to-1 consultation with our teachers outside of lessons, making learning possible anytime.

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After-Lesson Practice

Learn Smart

We support our students using our own practice questions where up to 30 hours of practice is provided. Through this, learning is reinforced, cultivating fantastic coders.

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Recognised by Industry Experts

Chan Wei Tian, NectaryStudio

“After looking at the overview of the given curriculum, the skills learned are in line with what Nectary Studio will need when we start to expand in future. Nectary Studio being a design studio focusing heavily on front end web development, we will be interested in offering internship for a start to evaluate the skills of the graduates.”

Jaryl Sim, Tinkerbox Studios

We find a lack of programs that offer practical from-the-ground-up curriculum, as opposed to programs that teach the learning of tools. As more Singaporean businesses move away from buying and customizing off-the-shelf products, we will see greater need for programs like Early Coders Academy.


Find out what the industry and our students think of our programmes

Ethan Leong
STUDENT, Beginner Programming Course

”Lessons have been fun and entertaining. I’ve learnt a lot during this 12 weeks and I’m pretty proud of the websites that I’ve made. I encourage others to try out coding.”

Alvin Poh

“I have read through the Early Coders curriculum, and am thoroughly impressed with the comprehensiveness of the objectives it seeks to achieve. Early Coders seems to have in place a solution to plug this gap with their robust technology stack, in the form of their CodeLab app as well as their curriculum which addresses several business needs that we require. I am eager to see more Early Coders graduates in the employable market. “


“Ethan had no interest at first as it meant burning his Saturdays after a busy week at school. As the weeks passed, we could see Ethan developing great interests and was enjoying his weekly coding classes. We were even taken aback when he thanked us for signing him up! The trainers are just great – very engaging and constantly give guidance while Ethan worked on projects from home. The school is proactive with weekly progress. We were impressed that from zero knowledge on coding, Ethan could design and build his own website in 20 weeks! We highly recommend Early Coders if you are still deciding which coding school to sign up your child.”

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SkillsFuture Credits are also accepted at Early Coders Academy
(All Singaporeans above the age of 25 are issued $500 as of Jan 2016)

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