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Programming used to be domain knowledge for adults only, but in recent years, we are beginning to see more talented youths entering this space. At 14 years old, Ethan Leong has already started building websites and is starting to dabble in building web applications.

After taking up basic programming lessons with Early Coders Academy in Early February 2016, Ethan has picked up much valuable programming skills. Starting with zero programming background, Ethan has now gone from zero-to-hero! Take a look at a simple portfolio page that he has come up with in over a span of only 4 hours: Ethan’s portfolio. Do be lenient with his webpage as it is still currently a Work-In-Progress.

Moving on, Early Coders Academy is currently preparing its students for their final project (which is the final phase of the basic course), so do keep a look out for this space. There will be plenty of new and exciting updates to come your way!

Lastly, do listen to what Ethan has to say about programming and how he feels about it as a young programmer.

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