Senior Development Courses

Our Senior Development courses are recommended for ages 12-18

Web Development l

Our web development course is catered for complete beginners who wish to learn all about setting up a website. They will be learning from HTML to CSS to JavaScript to PHP. At the end of the course, they will be able to handle both front end and back end development

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Python Programming ll

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This is our intermediate python course for students who wish to take the data analytics track. We will be teaching python programming focused more towards simple data science application. This will help them progress down data analytics track easier in the future

Game Development ll

This course is also recommended for students who are interested in the game development track. With a more rigorous curriculum. This course has overall higher expectations as well as more challenging tasks compared to the game development course for the junior programmers

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Mobile App Development l

This course is recommended for students who are interested in the mobile app development track. Students will be making apps using app inventor 2 and they will be taught basic UI and UX as well as how to create and upload their app to Google Play

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