Junior Development Courses

Our Junior Development courses are recommended for ages 8-12

Scratch Programming l

Our scratch course offers two levels of difficulty for beginners as well as students who wish to take intermediate scratch. This course is very suitable and highly recommended for beginners who wish to step into the world of programming

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Scratch Programming ll

This is our intermediate scratch course recommended for kids who wish to delve deeper into programming. In this course, they will be creating more difficult games that require more programming depth to create even more amazing games!

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Python Programming l

After taking our scratch course, kids who wish to deep dive into learning python and are up to the challenge should join our python course! Kids will learn python, which is the most widely used programming language in the IT industry

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Game development l

After taking our scratch course, kids who have an interest in game development can proceed on to take game development as well. Our game development course is targeted at kids whom after completing scratch course have the finesse or interest in making even better games using game maker platforms for IOS and android

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