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Learning to code is starting to become a basic skill in the same way that learning how to multiply and divide is a foundational skill that every child would know. Sure, not everyone goes on to master differential calculus, but the basic skills have to be there as a foundation in order to be built on later.

There is tremendous value in understanding the building blocks of the world around us. We learn basic chemistry and biology to understand the building blocks of life. We learn mathematics to understand the building blocks of physics. We learn to read and write to understand the building blocks of expressing, structuring, and understanding ideas.

Likewise, children should learn to code to understand the building blocks of software – a field, that while recent, is no less important than the disciplines mentioned above, and is, indeed, rapidly becoming more important every day.

If you’re interested in helping your child develop foundational programming skills for their future, you can sign your child up for our 2 day Junior Coder Bootcamp. The programme runs for 5 hours each day and by the end of the course, your child would have gained an understanding of fundamental programming concepts which they can then apply to other disciplines of their life.

Lesson 1 – Movements, music, and repeat
Lesson 2 – Illustrations: Draw different shapes, Sharing project
Lesson 3 – Coordinates, conditions, Mini Project: Make your own maze
Lesson 4 – Variable & Iteration, Mini Project (Undecided)
Lesson 5 – Mini-Project + Show & Tell

Our dedicated coding campus is at 991D Alexandra Road #01-22/23 Singapore 119972

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28th, 29th Dec 17 (Thurs, Fri) 10am – 3pm


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