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It was certainly an honour for our Early Coders Academy instructors to be invited to conduct coding lessons for Singapore Management University (SMU) students. Learning code certainly starts at all ages and we wanted to give all students, regardless of background, a chance to delve into the programming world.

We structured 3 different sessions over the course of 3 days (27th to the 29th of April) with the intention of having our students build a web app at the end of the course.

During the first session, we had our students run through the basics of front-end web design, where students delved into HTML tag structuring and basic page manipulation using JavaScript and CSS. The lesson also touched on the Bootstrap framework to broaden the perspective of the students. This will be especially useful for students who want to learn how to design basic web pages or who would be taking Software Engineering in the coming semester.

The second session built upon lessons learnt in the first session. The class went one step deeper by covering the basics of JQuery, REST APIs, more advanced page manipulation techniques. JQuery’s AJAX function was used to introduce students to how they are able to communicate with servers across the wire. This will be especially useful for students who want to learn how to customize server behavior, or who would be taking Software Engineering in the future.

The last session was particularly exciting for the students as we covered a new technology that is up and coming. This class covered the basics of MeteorJS, a full stack web framework built on JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which also uses a NoSQL-type database, MongoDB. The class will cover the basics of building a simple web application on MeteorJS. By the end of the lesson, students will have a basic understanding of the frontend components (Blaze) and backend components (events, helpers, routing, collections etc) of MeteorJS.

Overall, it was a humbling experience teaching these handful of bright students hungry for knowledge. We hope that in the future, these students that we have taught with will grow up to be the builders of tomorrow.

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