Student Spotlight: Ethan Leong (Basic Javascript Web Development)

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This week we will be doing a special feature of a student from our pioneer Web Development Course (Basic), Ethan Leong!

Ethan joined Early Coders without any coding experience in Early February 2016. Earlier this year we did a write up on Ethan and his portfolio page, and now he’s at his final lesson with us. It has been a pleasure watching Ethan grow and learn.

The Application

For the Web Development Course (Basic), students are tasked with making a to-do list app to hone their coding skills. In the process, developing both front-end and back-end coding skills which have been taught to them since the start of the course.

Let’s have a look at Ethan’s to-do list application which is taught in the later half of the Web Development Course (Basic).

The Landing Area


Ethan’s design-oriented work style is is exemplified through his landing page construction and he and seeks to integrate code with design considerations, a trait which many employers seek.


Ethan also included a simple Google maps app into his website, demonstrating his ability to understand how to use AJAX requests and the use of third-party APIs.

Ethan even included a ‘Contact’ area and included links to his social media profiles.

Logging In


At the login page, Ethan demonstrates his understanding of log-in protocols and registration processes ensuring that user registration is seamless and implements best industry practices.

We also see the use of a 3rd party UI library for the login-form that fits with the overall design and feel of his other elements in the app.

The To-Do-List

On the main app page, we see again a stylish design, and a menu on the right which takes me to the other pages. Overall, the app shows his understanding of working with databases and REST APIs.

What the teachers have to say

When it comes to technical implementation, Ethan is often curious about the mechanics behind how things work, like bootstrap columns and rows.

I personally believe curiosity is an important trait for development as it will allow young developers to have a strong foundation and be able to be more versatile later during their programming careers.

In terms of design, Ethan is always unsatisfied with the basic bootstrap material that is taught in class and tries to source for 3rd party UI libraries. This is highly beneficial for Ethan as companies are increasingly looking for developers with a good sense for design.

Ethan is also very passionate about programming and he is often seen engrossed in working on his app throughout the day. He is also going to take part in CodeXtreme, a hackathon going on later this month. We believe that with his hunger to learn, Ethan would make a great programmer.

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