Top 5 Lessons I Learnt While Interning At Early Coders Academy

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Hi there! I’m Zames, the person who’s been sending you the (hopefully not annoying) emails.

I’ll be starting my University studies soon and so I’ll be leaving the Early Coders Academy Team. These lessons may resonate more with the younger population, but I still hope that this article can help you in some way or another.

1. Consistency Is Key

At the start of the internship, I was always concerned with getting things done quickly and efficiently with quality. I was trying so hard to produce high quality work that I started to dread turning on my laptop to get some work done.

At Early Coders, the work culture is more chill. We work hard and we play hard. I also find myself producing more quality work when we take breaks to relax. Also, the reduced working time is substituted with a new-found efficiency.

I guess this applies to many aspects of life, whether you are studying for an examination, or going to start a workout plan. I’ve started working out less intensely while keeping my workout schedule consistent, and realised that I don’t burnout any more.

2. Vision Is Essential – Never Lose Sight Of The End Goal

Previously, when I was told to do a task, I would start typing away onto Google Docs immediately. However, failing to plan is planning to fail. In the end, the work produced did not contribute to our goal at all.

Now, I’ve learnt to keep sight of the end goal.

One example was when I was told to craft a proposal to improve our website (, and here was my thought process.
What do I want my website to achieve?
Make Early Coders easier for customers to find (SEO and content marketing)
Make the information easier for customers to access
What features would improve these aspects?
A blog section for us to upload content regularly
A revamp of the lesson details

Keeping the end goal in mind, I started to think of features that would help reach these end goals. The same goes for starting a business or doing any task in general – Never lose sight of the end goal.

3. Keep Meetings Short

Don’t you hate meetings? I sure do!
At Early Coders, the meetings are never longer than 15 minutes.

At the meeting, the team is expected to do the following:
Raise a problem
Raise the suggested solution
Come to an agreement on the solution

The key point is in point b), where everyone is expected to have a proposed solution ready. We are all problem solvers and don’t expect the solution to be given to us. I feel that this should be the way every meeting is held.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Network And Meet New People

While I was working at Early Coders, I frequently had the opportunity to attend networking sessions. At the start, I did not dare to approach anyone as I was afraid that these people would not be interested in my boring life.

However, I learnt to approach people with an open mind and try as much as possible to learn about what they’re interested in and what they’re working on. Later on during the internship, we even called up some of these contacts for a business partnership!

Don’t be afraid to network as the contacts may end up being your next lifeline or next business partner!

5. Most importantly, have fun always!

There’s no point in doing anything if you do not enjoy it. I enjoy programming and I enjoyed working with the Early Coders team.

There’s no greater joy than waking up everyday, excited to get the day started. I hope each and every one of you manages to find something that gets you pumped and kickin’!

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