Top Programming Language For Developing On The Web

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These days, it seems almost everyone wants to enter the web development scene. It is inevitable that one would have to delve into technology and its oh-so complicated jargon in order to get started. Most modern businesses require some form of digital marketing, an aspect that is crucial to scaling businesses rapidly and effectively.

Even as a budding web developer, many things come into play, with time being one of the most crucial resources. Generally, when doing web development, you would want to spend the least amount of time to reap maximum benefits. This is especially so when it comes to developing a tech based startup. At the same time, you would want to have full control over the development of your product, while spending the least amount of time learning it.

You have a product in mind, an ideal, but what you need is a language to develop it in.
The first few thing that would probably hit you would be,

“what should we build our product on?”
“Can this allow our product to scale?”
“How maintainable is it?”
“How secure is it?”

Apart from that, you would need a webapp and a phone app for both iOS and Android, and wont want to learn 5 languages and 3 different platforms just to achieve this.

You need a language that can handle it all.
Does it exist? Yes.
Are there critics against it? Definitely.
Bottom Line? It Just Works.

There are many options out there, and in this article, we will present to you the Top Programming Language of 2016 for Youth Web Developers.



…but why?

1. It is the Easiest Programming Languages to Learn

One of the Easiest Programming Languages to learn due to it being close to natural language (convenient syntax).

2. The Most Supported Language of The Web

Both Windows Edge and Google Chrome uses a dedicated Javascript engine which allows lighting fast Javascript execution directly from the browser. This places Javascript as one of the more future-proof programming languages out there.

3. Highest Level of Community and Corporate Support

Javascript has been the top programming language supported on Stackoverflow, the largest code support base, since 2014. Before 2014, it has either been 2nd or in the top three.

Many platforms and Frameworks have been developed and supported to use javascript:

Twitter’s BootstrapJS
Facebook’s ReactJS

4. Constantly Changing Language

ES2015 brought in many updates that have made the language even simpler, while retaining all of the existing functionalities

5. The Most Widely Required Language of The Web

Javascript is the number 1 language used for Github, the world’s largest code host.
Every Web based frontend that has dynamic content requires javascript, like how humans require air to survive.

6. Most Implementable Language across the most platforms

It Renders Defunct other native languages used for other platforms like Java and Swift
Wanna build a webapp, android app and iOS app without learning so many languages? No problem! Just use these javascript based frameworks/platforms:


7. It Replaces Other Languages

Databases such as MongoDB and GraphQL now no longer need to run on SQL, simply run them using Javascript!

8. Universality: One Language, Full Stack
There are many full stack web frameworks that run purely on javascript alone.

MEAN Stack
ReactJS-GraphSQL Stack
MeteorJS Stack
Custom NodeJS Stack

9. Frontend Language? Its also a Universal Backend Language

This removes need for you to learn other languages such as SQL or MSSQL which are tools that allows for easier database querying.
With conventional SQL it is:
SQL Database Object → SQL Statement (TEDIOUS)→ Other Language Object

But with Javascript it is:
MongoDB Object → Javascript Object

Getting database records are as short as a few words which SAVES A LOT OF TIME.

Another example of using Javascript (MongoDB) is:

var myPlace = Restaurants.find( { "city": "Manhattan" } )

Example using normal MySQL (not good):

SELECT name, location, long, lat FROM Restaurants WHERE city=”Manhattan”;

...and after this you would still have to create objects if you are using other languages
Create a HashMap in your selected language (Python, Java, etc)
for(assign for each record queried){
create a temporary object and insert into that HashMap }
Extract the variable from HashMap using a key-value pair

To put it bluntly:

Javascript is a universal backend language, where you don’t need to learn many languages to code the backend (logic + database…no need to learn SQL to interact with the database) AND also since it is only core frontend language, which works in tandem with HTML and CSS, this makes Javascript the Top Programming Language for rapid development and product scaling. Therefore, if you are a youth serious in doing Web Development, learn Javascript!

Honorable Mentions:


These are older languages, but still work as well, though they require more effort and are not as versatile and universal as Javascript.

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